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Paramecium caudatum

The 'slipper animalcule' named after the resemblance of its pellicle to the shape of a slipper. Probably the most popular textbook species for illustrating ciliate morphology and behavioural traits. Although the organism is highly motile our cultures often contain sufficiently dense populations for continual observation under the microscope.
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Culture Protocol

Cultures usually remain viable for several days if kept at room temperature 10-23°C and longer when kept in a non-domestic refrigerator +4°C.

For ongoing culture transfer 5-10ml of viable culture into 150ml of ‘hay infusion’ in a 250ml Erlenmeyer flask. Incubate at room temperature and sub-culture every two weeks.

Hay Infusion medium is prepared by boiling a small handful of dried brown hay in 500ml of Volvic springwater for 20 minutes. Allow to stand for 24-48 hours prior to dispensing into flasks and inoculating

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