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Hay 'Infusoria Animalcules'

In 1674 Antony van Leeuwenhoek enriched water with various vegetable extracts and saw for the first time free-living protozoans. These infusions were found to be teeming with animalcules which from Leeuwenoek description were later identified as the ciliates, flagellates and rotifers we are so familiar with now in contemporary Protistology etc. Our unique culture (250ml) offers you the experience to discover many of the fascinating animalcules Leeuwenhoek first observed over 300 years ago when he developed the first prototype microscope from a single lens.

The culture reveals an interesting, array of diverse bactivorous and predatory ciliates and rotifers.

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Culture Protocol

On receipt loosen cap and place in a non-domestic refrigerator +4 Celsius. Cultures usually remain viable for up to two weeks, although they are best examined within a few days for optimum observation of the diverse forms.
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