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Hypsibius exemplaris.. (formerly strain Z151 Hypsibius dujardini) circa 100

Easily maintained water bear which feeds on unicellular algae i.e. A68 Chlorococcum sp. Life cycle from eggs to adults is usually about 3-4 weeks at room temp. (14-22 Celsius) and viable eggs are laid in moulted cuticles. Standard 50ml cultures contain approx. 100 tardigrades plus eggs. The cultures contain sufficient algal food to sustain them for up to 3/4 weeks.
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Culture Protocol

Dispense 125ml of Volvic springwater in 250ml Ehrlenmeyer flasks and add .Inoculate each flask with 5-10ml of dense Chlorococcum cells and transfer approx. 5mls of tardigrade culture into each flask (pipette from the bottom detritus of the culture vessel whre the tardigades congregate) Life Cycle from eggs to adults is around 3-5 weeks. Maintain at 14-22°C in a shaded position and sub-culture monthly.
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