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Recommended Cultures

A583 Spirulina (Arthrospira) platensis

Large spiral trichomes and an excellent cyanophyte demonstration species. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. .

A60 Chlorella vulgaris

Our own vigorous strain easily cultured in simple Medium. Non-motile, spherical unicells with a single parietal chlo...

A290 Scenedesmus quadricauda

An excellent example of a typical planktonic algae and amenable for demonstrating photosynthetic, oxygen liberation a...

A556 Acrochaetium sp.

Epithytic branched filaments;monospores.

A600 Antithamnion plumula

A colourful example of a red, filamentous marine alga to exemplify their complex and interesting life cycle.\r\n50ml ...

A604 Audouinella tetraspora

Branched filamentous marine alga which shows carpogonia.

A470 Chroomonas salina

Marine 'food flagellate' for aquaculture.

A115 Dunaliella salina

Small halophilic biflagellate, the motile cells lack a cellulose wall and have only a cell membrane. Tolerates high s...

A127 Enteromorpha intestinalis

Marine, multicellular macro-algae with a hollow, tubular thalli one cell thick. Reproduces asexually by the formation...

A3 Amphidinium sp.

Marine dinoflagellate, naked membranous theca.

P233 Euplotes sp.

A Large hypotrich and common intertidal marine species.

P250 Glaucoma sp.

Small vigorous,marine ciliate.

P261 Keronopsis rubrum

A large fascinating, marine hypotrich, reddish-brown cells. Highly flexible and adheres strongly to the substrate. ...

P152 Blepharisma sp.

A remarkable pink coloured protist and probably the best example of all for showing typical ciliate morphology.The n...

P245 Frontonia vernalis

Green coloured sp. containing symbiotic zoochlorellae.

A377 Cymatopleura solea

Freshwater pennate diatom with attractive undulating frustules

A138 Euastrum pinnatum

A small sculptured desmid

P275 Loxodes magnus

Large elongate, interstitial ciliate which feeds on Euglena and other small protists
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